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If you have been contacted by the IRS concerning your business expenses and the losses reflected on your Federal income tax returns, you should contact a competent tax attorney
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Case Where Texas Ranchers Were Victorious in IRS Appeal

Dallas Appeals Officer Reverses IRS Decision Allows Business Expenses and Ranching Losses for 2011 & 2012 and Abates the 20% Accuracy Related Penalty Back in 2014, I represented a Texas couple in connection with an Appeal from an IRS decision…
FBAR statute of limitations can incur FBAR penalties by the IRS, here is a prior experience with a New Jersey couple
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New Jersey Couple Avoids FBAR Penalty and Instead Receives Warning Letter

The following is an actual FBAR case handled by the Law Office of Anthony N. Verni. My Princeton New Jersey office was successful in securing a waiver of the proposed FBAR penalties for these two taxpayers. Mr.and Mrs. Beránek (a.k.a. the…
Offshore Tax Compliance Update fbar penalties for tax evasion can include imprisionment if the IRS seeks to criminally prosecute you

Tax Attorney Sentenced To 48 Months For Employment Tax Fraud

Pittsburgh Tax Attorney Gets 48 Months For Employment Tax Fraud On January 12, 2017 Steven Lynch, a Pittsburgh tax attorney, was sentenced to 48 months in prison,following his conviction for the willful failure to pay over payroll taxes (Trust…
The Foreign Bank Account Report (FBAR) can be submitted with the advice of a tax law attorney.
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New Developments in The Willful Civil FBAR Penalty

Current Developments May Make It Easier For the IRS To Assess Penalties After Willfully Failing to File FBAR's A taxpayer who willfully fails to file a Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBAR) may be subject to both civil and…
tax evasion lawyer to help with criminal tax prosecutions by the IRS

Tax Evasion: No One Is Immune From Prosecution

The U.S Department of Justice, Tax Division: Federal Tax Prosecutions Continue Unabated Many taxpayers are skeptical of the IRS and feel that the system is “rigged” against the small guy. These taxpayers may also feel that those with substantial…
irs appeals are made at their headquarters. The Internal Revenue Service in washington d.c.

Making Appeals to the IRS: What You Need to Know

How to Make an Appeal to the IRS: What You Need To Know Tax cases fall into two categories:  First, where there is no dispute over the amount of tax that is due, the only remaining question is how the taxpayer will satisfy the outstanding…
5th amendment fbar tax for celebrities that want to expatriate now that Donald Trump has been elected President of the United States of America
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The Liberal Elites: The Real Reason Why They Will Never Leave the USA

Why the Liberal Elites Will Never Leave the USA Despite Claiming Otherwise With the presidential election in our rear view mirror, we are now able to turn our attention to those in the entertainment industry -- and their veiled threats…
An athlete running, thinking about the reporting of taxes to the irs
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Taxation of Professional Athletes & Entertainers - Are You At Risk?

The Risks of Professional Athlete and Entertainer Taxation Global sports and entertainment have created many new opportunities as well as challenges for those individuals, who are multi-jurisdictional earners.  The IRS has taken a keen interest…
Offshore Tax Compliance Update fbar penalties for tax evasion can include imprisionment if the IRS seeks to criminally prosecute you
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Offshore Tax Compliance Prosecutions by the IRS

Offshore Tax Compliance Update - Recent IRS Tax Prosecutions The following convictions represent recent successful prosecutions by the Department of Justice, Tax Division and reinforce the Government’s commitment to ferret out tax cheats,…
installment agreement irs
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Delinquent IRS Trust Fund Taxes Update

The Trust Fund Penalty for Delinquent IRS Trust Fund Taxes If you owe back payroll taxes, you should hire a capable Tax Attorney, who is experienced and familiar with the rules pertaining to the application of the Trust Fund Penalty. The IRS…